Paid Sick Leave Law Takes Effect Oct. 29

One Hour of Leave for Every 30 Hours of Work
Sep 26, 2018

“Did you know that New Jersey has now become the 10th state to enact a statewide mandatory paid-sick-leave law?” asks Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Karen Hershey. Neither did most other people.

The new law requires New Jersey employers of all sizes to provide up to 40 hours of paid sick leave per year to covered employees.

“Just about every employer with workers in New Jersey will feel the impact of this new law in one way or another,” said Hershey, an attorney.

The chamber, which networks regionally with the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce, is referring employers to its website link at for more information.

The New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Act was signed into law on May 2 by Gov. Murphy and will go into effect on Oct. 29.

“Our colleagues at the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce have kindly provided some general guidance to help you better understand this new law,” said Hershey, speaking of the website link.

According to the N.J. Chamber information, “sick leave applies to all workers, full- and part- time, employed in the State of New Jersey, with the exception of: construction workers under contract pursuant to collective bargaining: per diem healthcare employees; or public employees already provided with sick leave.

“Beginning on October 29, 2018, or on the date that the employee is hired (whichever occurs later) employee earns one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours of work.

“Sick leave must be paid at the same rate and with the same benefits that the employee normally earns.

“The pay rate shall not be less than minimum wage.

“Employees can use sick leave after 120 calendar days from start of their employment.

“Employees can earn up to 40 hours over a 12-month consecutive period, also known as benefit year.

“Employers cannot require the employee using sick leave to find a replacement to cover the hours that they are using sick leave.” —M.S.


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