Pandas Love Pickles

Jul 25, 2018

Former marketing professional Liz Lynch took on the hardest job in the world: coaxing her kids to try new foods. Being a third-generation LBI vacationer must have jogged her creativity, because Pandas Love Pickles was born.

The children’s book that combines the alphabet with animals trying new foods and the result is “100 percent adorable,” rates reviewer Amy Palanjian from

Lynch can be proud that the alphabet/animal soup is going down well. Pandas Love Pickles is at children’s stores, boutiques and bookstores throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Colorado and California. The book has also been picked up by Anthropologie.

The author held a book signing recently at The Good Life boutique in Surf City, not far from where she visits her mother and stepfather in Loveladies. She, her husband and the picky eaters – their 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son – reside in Philadelphia.

Understanding and respecting a young child’s mind, Lynch strives to create illustrations that are equally educational, real and fun. She has a degree in studio art from Lafayette College, and she illustrated as well as authored the board book.

Pandas Love Pickles is unique for several reasons, but readers say what makes it special is the treatment of the illustrations. The animals are all created to engage children in a conversation of realism, while the foods, which are meant to be treated lightly here, are fun, colorful and whimsical. There is so much to learn and talk about on every page, without being overly complicated.

Added Michelle Rasmussen of The Book Report ( - Instagram), “I love this book because it introduces a variety of foods to kids from ‘junk food’ to sushi. I am so glad the author included ‘junk food,’ because these foods are in our lives (like it or not) and it’s important that we teach our kids what they are and how they are ‘sometimes foods.’ They aren’t scary, just as broccoli shouldn’t have to feel scary, but they are foods we eat in moderation. This book is a great conversation starter.”

In short, the book encourages kids to eat new foods, and it does so in a whimsical and educational way. And, as Rasmussen pointed out of the illustrations, the contrast of the black and white animals and the colorful foods also makes the book engaging.

Suggested retail price is $14.99. In addition to stores, the book can be found at, by calling 908-432-3809 or by emailing —M.S.

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