Park Plea

Jan 24, 2018

To the Editor:

We are writing once again with reference to the little park located at Janet and West Avenue in Holgate. The issue with the sharp, black stone at the park has not been resolved.

Sure, it is winter, but some people, including children, still go to the shore. What happens if only one child ventures to this park alone and he or she falls on the stone and no one is around. Pray that child is not badly hurt and his/her poor mother and father arrive on time to help.

This doesn’t have to happen. If Long Beach Township officials cared enough, they would have had these black, pointed stones removed a long time ago. We have been asking them to do this for quite some time.

All we ask is for the township to remove these rocks now and, weather permitting, apply a decent gravel for the children to walk on. We do not feel this is too much to ask.

R.J. Gorman, T. Madison, G. Wilkin, N. Bartley


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