Passionate and Committed

Oct 19, 2016

To the Editor:

I met Tom Beaty, who is running for Long Beach Township Board of Commissioners along with Myers and Hagler, under the banner “Bringing Our Community Together” in the early ’80s. I knew him as a surfer and surf fisherman. I was transferred to Baltimore, Md., in the early ’90s but returned to Holgate in 2011 (just in time for Irene) to help take care of my dad.

When Superstorm Sandy hit, I found the Facebook page “Holgate Update.” There I saw Tom Beaty, still the surfer but also a husband and father who was active in the community. If someone needed help, Tom was one of the first to volunteer. Not only that but he also took it upon himself to help organize others who were willing to help. He was among those instrumental in organizing people to participate in local issues in front of the land use board.

He was/is active in the Holgate Taxpayers Association. It is through the HTA that he even managed to motivate my lazy butt to go out and paint the Bonds Station on the “Welcome to Holgate” sign (difficult on a ladder), design the HTA logo (many versions), carry greenhead traps (really heavy!) and participate in the Holgate cleanup. The last two gave me an opportunity to meet more people in our community.

In the past four years of interacting with Tom I have found him to be passionate and committed to what he believes in, and that is his family and our community.

Carol Jelich



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