Pathetic Excuses

May 24, 2017

To the Editor:

This Memorial Day brought a reflective moment. The blessings from God bestowed on this country have never wavered. Listening to the angry protesters or “Never Trumpers,” you would think we are all heading for Armageddon or some kind of global warming catastrophe. When the incendiaries die down and acceptance becomes inevitable, the country will move forward to a more patriotic, prosperous and less politically corrected realm.

It is for their own advantage that various news agencies and Democratic officials continue to stoke the fire of false claims of Russian collusion for two reasons. The first is they would be reduced to utter obscurity if there were no such charges or a reason to somehow delegitimize President Trump. The second reason is too obvious. It is to reclaim the power they have been so drunken with.

I am somewhat flummoxed by the fact that for years the rallying cry for the left has been to “drain the swamp in Washington,” to throw out the career politicians and to bring jobs back to America. We have a president who campaigned on just those very things but, alas, just the wrong party. One can only wonder about the outcome if Miss Hillary was elected: no new jobs, more payoffs to the Clinton Foundation, producing more special favors, more government regulations, bigger government, more lies, emails ­– in other words, business as usual. The very things the liberals despise would have flourished under Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps the real fear for the Democrats is that President Trump will succeed in doing what he campaigned on and further succeed in making the Democrats look irrelevant.

If they can’t support him and work with him on the issues of a secure border, legalized immigration, creating job growth, correcting the fallacies of Obamacare, fostering a environment for job growth, reducing government and regulations, ridding ourselves of the political correctness that has strangled and shackled us, strengthening our position and respect among world leaders, then what the hell are they doing being an elected official? Pathetic excuses for political representatives are what the Democrats have become.

The only senator who shows respect for the president from the Democratic pulpit seems to be Sen. Joe Manchin from West Virginia. Maybe he can bring a few of his fellow senators on board to work with the president. Good luck, Joe; you’re going to need it!

And to you, Mr. President, I say this: Continue the fight. You have a multitude behind you, praying that you will achieve what you set out to do. Stay resolute in your desire to make this a better, safer and stronger country. We pray for your good health and well-being to accomplish what you set out to do. God bless.

Ed Schwind

Haven Beach


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