Pennies Apart

Feb 01, 2017

The following was addressed to Stafford Township Mayor John Spodofora and council.

To Mayor Spodofora and Council:

I have written many pleasant letters to The SandPaper thanking people who crossed my path of life for their kindness and consideration toward me and my dog as we grow older.

I have lived in Ocean Acres for the past 24 years. I have always paid my taxes and obey all our local laws, including buying a yard sale permit, which many people do not. I have bought my annual dog licenses for 24 years even though my dogs have never been off my property. This year I mailed in my dog license application with my water and sewer bill to get it in before the end of January and to save on postage. I never can go into the town hall personally because of the long walk through the building. It is difficult with a cane.

The license cost $8.20 for a neutered dog. Today, expecting to receive my license, I received a letter from “Licensing Official” Kelly with my returned check stating I sent the incorrect amount. I had sent $8 instead of $8.20. Yes, I did make a senior mistake, sorry. But for her to return this to me because of 20 cents was an insult. She could have had the courtesy to give me a simple phone call to bring this to my attention or mailed me the license with a note explaining the error and asked me to pay the 20 cents ASAP. She paid 46 cents in postage to send this back to me.

I called to explain my feelings, stating how rude and ridiculous this was of them. I know their accounts have to balance, but there were other ways to handle this. Had I been in her position, I would have even taken the 20 cents out of my own pocket with an I.O.U.

Remember the old rule? Have a penny, leave a penny, need a penny, take a penny. Whatever happened to common courtesy?

Doris Peraria



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