Pine Shores Art Association Creates Fabulous Fakes

By PAT JOHNSON | Oct 11, 2017
Artwork by: Paul Hartelius Winslow Homer’s oil painting ‘A Fog Warning’ of a fisherman rowing in with prize haddock was the perfect selection for Paul Hartelius to copy in acrylic. He won a first prize for his efforts.

The artists of Pine Shores Art Association love the “Fabulous Fakes” show as a way to show off their skills in copying the masters. It’s a learning experience to see how an artist they admire was able to capture a scene and something traditional artists are prompted to do.

The members of PSAA voted for their favorites at the show reception held Monday, Oct. 2, and when tallied, it was found that two artists tied for first place: Paul Hartelius for his acrylic rendition of “A Fog Warning” oil painting by Winslow Homer and “Ballet Dancer” by Edgar Degas, painted in pastels by Dorothy Sinciare.

There was no second-place ribbon. Third place went to Margaret Kukafa for her watercolor of “Blue Dancers,” also by Edgar Degas in pastel.

One honorable mention was given to Rose Sinatra for her oil painting of “The Convent” by Stanhope Alexander Forbes.

Three artists took their work out of the popular voting contest. Thomas Rutledge’s “Freedom from Fear” and Danny Ng’s “The Golden Rule” are good Rockwell copies, although flat in texture. The artists are no doubt aware that the original paintings by Norman Rockwell were painted and repainted until they were covered in blobs of paint as intricate as a French Impressionist or a work by American abstract impressionist drip painter Jackson Pollack, whom he admired.

Robert Heyer chose to paint “The Luncheon of the Boating Party” by Auguste Renoir, a very good copy, as sugar-spun as the original.

Other copies of famous paintings that can be viewed in Manahawkin rather than taking a trip to the Met or Philadelphia Museum of Art or the Louvre are Suzi Hoffman’s collage of Matisse’s “The Horse, the Rider and the Clown”; Edward Monet’s “The Fifer” by  Mee Kyung John; “Lighthouse at Two Lights” by Edward Hopper and copied by James Maloney; Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” as painted by Nancy Edwards; and many, many more.

Carol Freas took liberty with Edward Munch’s “Nefarious Notion,” also called “The Scream,” by transporting the paranoid scene from a bridge in Norway to the Barnegat Lighthouse sea walk.

The “Fabulous Fakes” exhibit can be viewed on Wednesdays and Sundays at the gallery at 94 Stafford Ave. in Manahawkin through Oct. 24.

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