Pine Shores Art Association Presents Student Show

By PAT JOHNSON | Feb 13, 2019
Photo by: Pat Johnson Tom Rutledge (center) with a Sunday portrait workshop.

Those who first take a tentative step into the waters of artistic pursuits at Pine Shores Art Association may start with a beginners class and find the atmosphere of acceptance and help encouraging. Soon they think, “I’ve always wanted to paint in watercolors,” or “I want to paint a picture of my grandson, dog or kitten” and find themselves in a portrait class.

Now instead of sitting at the kitchen table they are standing before an easel and wearing the confident air of the art student. They attend the free or almost-free open studio workshops held at PSAA, and here they may meet friends they didn’t know they had at the “Do Your Own Thing” afternoons. At the portrait and life drawing sessions (the fee for the model is reasonable), meet Thomas Rutledge or Tom Doyle, two of the best portrait artists around. Here they get some gentle guidance on the shape of the forehead and how it relates to the back of the head or how the nose ends in relationship to the ears.

Having found a home base from which to express their creativity, the students now join the society and start to exhibit, first having learned how to correctly frame and present their works. Their first exhibit is usually at the PSAA gallery during members shows ,and for those who continue in their studies, taking art classes from trusted PSAA instructors or from visiting artists, there are two times a year to showcase the results.

The Student Show now at the gallery through Feb. 26 demonstrates some of the accomplished works by those who have stuck to their dream.

The first-place watercolor by Marybeth McCabe is of her cat “Tallulah,” but it’s more than a portrait – the self-possessed gaze of the feline is encased in an explosion of multicolored fur. This cat is a showgirl. The instructor was visiting artist Marie Natale.

Second place went to Ellen Dayton for her study in textures, “The Rock.” The gouache painting combines the swirling sea as it meets an outcropping of rocks. The instructor was Thomas Rutledge, who learned to love and appreciate the medium of gouache when working as a commercial artist. The medium is a cross between fluid watercolor and opaque tempera.

The third-place winner is Joyce Ecochard for her watercolor “Friends,” of two geese. Her instructor was Carol Nace.

Honorable mention went to Irene Bausmith for her “Boatyard Buddies” gouache painting, created during Rutledge’s class.

The winners are all experienced artists who continue their studies.

Also on display are a number of very professional-looking pen and ink drawings all done under Rutledge’s tutelage: “This Old Place” by Tom Pickle, “The Shack” by Kelly Sterr and “Chair House” by Nancy Sterr Lang.

Renee Leopardi was at PSAA to teach pastel, and Nancy Canilleri’s “Sunlight Captured” is a gem of that medium.

Pat Morgan and Carol Freas are two watercolor instructors who gave Melody Johnson Schossig the confidence to paint “Kanai Canoe.” Likewise, instructor Kim Cesarreti’s student Chuck Person painted and exhibited “Beach Drive” in acrylic.

Coming up in March at Pine Shores are classes in “Principles of Drawing” by Thomas Rutledge, “Beginning Watercolor” with Nancy Edwards, “Watercolor on Yupo Paper” by Lisa Budd and “Portraits with Personality” by Jill DeFelice. Check out PSAA on Facebook or go to

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