Pinelands Regional Gets Good Construction Report

Aug 22, 2018

The atmosphere at the Aug. 14 Pinelands Regional School District Board of Education meeting can be summarized in one word: positive.

Brian Moore of Epic Construction Management presented an update on the district’s construction projects that earned applause from the board and set the tone for the evening.

“Right now what we got for a list of projects and the completion times in progress,” said Moore, “is, one, the junior high school roof – the last phase of the project was finished on Aug. 10 and we’re at that point. So the roof, the complete roofing system, is done on the junior high school.

“The modular complex (the dozen temporary classroom units constructed at the junior high school to accommodate the swelling of that building’s student population due to the closing of the high school building for the entire 2018-2019 school year), right now we’re in final phase of cleanup and with township code inspections. We’re targeting an occupancy of Aug. 27 for the teachers.

“The athletic fields, we’re right on time with scheduling. We’re targeting the usage of the tennis courts at the end of September, and the field, we’re looking at the aspect for winter track and the football season next year (the 2019-2020 season).

“The senior high school masonry, as you can tell we’re in the process of still continuing to remove (brick face), the scaffolding is up, we’re in the process of doing mock panels (samples of new brick exterior fascia) and we’re on target for schedule as we stand right now.

“The interior renovations, if you look at the (district) website you can see the progress we’re making on the inside and we’re starting to make color selections and progressing on refinishing the inside and are continuing to make the target schedules that we’ve set up.”

“Wow!” “Awesome!” said board members.

“We’re happy,” said board President Susan Ernst, “which should make you happy.”

Superintendent of Schools Melissa McCooley followed up with her report.

“As Brian has said, we’ve been busy with construction and I just want to add a side note on that.

“Things are going to happen as with any construction project, just as if we’re doing construction in our homes. So I know recently we did have a couple snafus last week where one of the cement trucks ran into a telephone line and it had to be repaired, and it was, and then American Athletics was doing their work as they should, they were trying to remove a portion of the curb, which they had to do, and hit a gas line. The gas company was here immediately and it was fixed within the hour and everything was fine.

“I know that some people get alerts about when the gas company is called that appear on Facebook and, you know, some of the comments were not as positive as I would like, but I just want to reiterate that these are just normal issues that we have with construction, they’re dealt with immediately. Our facilities (construction) manager Brian and his group are amazing. So, we are going to move forward in a positive way and know that things will happen.”

The junior high school building will be open by the start of the school year so the board and public can breathe a sigh of relief. With the high school closed, completing work at the junior high on time was essential.  —R.M.


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