Plea to Trump

Feb 01, 2017

To the Editor:

Forty-four years ago New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster was executed in cold blood on the shoulder of the New Jersey Turnpike. Today, his convicted killer remains at large, a “guest” of the Cuban government.

JoAnne Chesimard was tried and convicted of the brutal slaying of Trooper Foerster. Unfortunately, she escaped from prison and made her way to Communist Cuba, where she was granted asylum and has lived since 1979.

As an elected freeholder in New Jersey and a longtime friend and ally of law enforcement, I renew my call for the immediate return of this cop killer. Under former President Obama’s administration, steps were taken to normalize relations between the United States and Cuba. However, absolutely no effort was made to include Chesimard’s return in any of these new agreements.

I now ask our new President Donald J. Trump to take whatever action is necessary to ensure that Chesimard is returned to prison. Any further diplomatic agreements with Cuba must include Chesimard’s return.

It’s well past time she’s put back where she belongs, in a cell. 

Joseph H. Vicari, freeholder director

Ocean County


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