Plot Needs Help

Jul 04, 2018

To the Editor:

West Avenue has long been a favorite go-to spot for walkers, bikers and runners for many years. Every day hundreds of vacationers, as well as residents, venture out for what should be a pleasurable experience. That is, until they come upon a small section of ground located between Nelson Avenue and Grosser Avenue.

This small, neglected plot stands out in a very lovely area. Across the street is a beautifully maintained playground, as well as a nicely cared for “Sewerage Authority” and beautiful homes. Compared to this, the plot blocks off the walking path with a chain link fence that the adult bikers, small kids on bikes and baby carriages can barely get through.

I have to say that this year, in particular, Beach Haven and Long Beach Township have done a wonderful job decorating our streets with pole lamps, benches and landscaping all around. Is there a chance that perhaps we could do something to make this plot between Nelson Avenue and Grosser Avenue a little more user friendly?

Perhaps we could start by opening the chain link fence a bit, maybe putting in a bench or two and/or maybe even a few pole lamps. Any thoughts? Is there someone out there who can help make this happen?

Carol Boll

Beach Haven


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