Political ‘Mudhole’

Jan 23, 2019

To the Editor:

The irony in the story titled “Bogs in Little Egg Ordered Drained, Leaving ‘Mudhole’ (1/9) is Democrats are virtually unopposed in New Jersey, running ad nauseam every election cycle that they are for “the little guy,” minorities and, of course, “the environment.”

While regularly winning elections to total dominance in Trenton, they ignore those they promise to help. The dirty secret is they only care about absolute power. 

The decision to drain these bogs undoubtedly came from centralized bureaucrats, who care nothing about local rule or even local environmental needs.

Charles Dudas, directly damaged from this event, seems hopeful for a quick resolution to this situation. One should not be so optimistic. Expect a three-year state study, an overbuilt 100-year dam and spillway, with a contract bidding process using only approved firms and permitting which will take five to seven years before any groundbreaking.

Meanwhile, these bogs-estuaries, will be long gone.

New Jersey had a great chance to purge itself of corrupt politicians the last two election cycles, but voters just keep voting the same over-regulating, tax and spend types to Trenton and Washington.

Mike Muller

Little Egg Harbor


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