Political Spectacle Fails to Sink Kavanaugh for Good Reasons

By S. FOX | Oct 10, 2018

Charles Roth’s letter titled “Empty Robe” in the Oct. 3 issue of The SandPaper reminded me of a phrase I found printed above a bar in a beer hall in Germany, which I visited while serving in the U.S. Air Force during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It read: “Glaub nicht gleich alles was du hoerst.”

And, after that very bizarre politically inspired spectacle we all witnessed last week in Washington, those wise words have never been more necessary. A lot was said, a lot was heard, a lot was questioned, and a lot was dismissed.

1. First, we should not try to explain or judge the phrases or words used by some teenage high school kids or their friends who may have been responsible for editing their yearbook some 36 years ago. We don’t know what they had in mind at the time and whether the alleged “off-color” language was meant as a joke, an effort at bravado or for some other immature reason. High school kids are just that ... kids capable of doing and saying nonsensical things they may regret doing or saying when examined after the fact. 

According to comments found online, crude or odd-sounding  phrases and slang words can differ and vary in meanings depending on many factors such as locations, schools, classes or even groups of students within classes. Some online comments by Brett Kavanaugh’s former classmates have actually come forward in support of the justice’s recollections and definitions. 

More importantly, medical professionals are unanimous in their belief that the human brain does not reach its full potentiality until age 24 or 25. So, to now hold an exemplary scholar, a distinguished lawyer and a devoted husband, father, public servant, and respected member of society responsible for some alleged high school yearbook indiscretion after some 36 years of work history is simply ridiculous on its face. 

2. Comments relating to Kavanaugh’s honesty, character and inexperience seem ill-conceived. Over the years he has gone through seven separate FBI investigations as well as intensive individual interviews with the senators. Knowing how absolutely opposed the Democrats are to advancing any opportunity for Kavanaugh, there is little doubt that even the slightest reason or questionable aspect regarding his past history would have become a major point of contention during the hearing process. The silence is deafening as well as telling.

3. There are many who believe that we should put aside all thoughts of the idea we have long considered to be the foundation of the American justice system: “innocent until proven guilty.” During last week’s hearing we witnessed palpable angry outbursts from many Democratic senators, all of which failed to stop the process. Noisy and disruptive outbursts by anti-Kavanaugh/Trump hating liberal demonstrators also failed to stop the process. And, in the end, despite a believable presentation by Prof. Ford, it was because she could not support her 36-year-old accusation with even a scintilla of evidence or a whisper of corroboration that she, her Democratic supporters and demonstrators failed to create the convincing case which would have created the prelude to Kavanaugh’s demise. An accusation does not automatically equate to guilt, regardless of the sex, race, wealth or status of the parties involved.  

4. There is little doubt from all of the evidence presented that this entire scenario was contrived as a major political effort to stop Trump’s conservative selection and promotion of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. It may be true that Prof. Ford experienced some traumatic event in her life, something only she knows for certain. But without the ability to offer even the most basic of specifics such as date, place, etc. of the incident, provide any substantial evidence, witnesses or corroboration proving Kavanaugh was involved in any way, no one should have the right to besmirch his life, decades of superlative work, destroy his future and chastise him for perpetrating the most demeaning and heinous sexual crimes.

The Oct. 5 speech given by Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, after a thorough review of every incidental fact, should be required reading for anyone in doubt of what really happened.

Remember and trust the wise words in the beer hall: “Don’t immediately believe all that you hear.”  

S. Fox lives in Little Egg Harbor.


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