Politics of Pot

Mar 28, 2018

To the Editor:

Murphy’s law is an adage that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” The Murphy in this case is Gov. Murphy and his proposed legislation to legalize the recreational use and sale of marijuana that continues to be illegal under the federal Controlled Substance Act of 1970 and classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Murphy, a Democrat, is taking somewhat of a gamble by including the expected $60 million sales tax revenue from his marijuana legislation to offset other liberal programs in his budget.

The all-Republican Ocean County freeholders voted to formally oppose recreational marijuana legalization and further encouraged county municipalities to join with Ocean County in opposing this issue. Monmouth County passed a similar resolution. Ocean County municipalities that have already taken the advice of the freeholders are Surf City, Point Pleasant Beach, Berkeley and Seaside Heights. Several other towns across the state are considering a similar move.

The Little Egg Harbor Township Committee did not heed the freeholders’ advice and decided to hold off on taking any action on such a controversial issue. A few years ago the township took a different approach on a controversial issue when it refused to grant approval to locate an adult strip club called Delilah’s Den in Little Egg.

With all that’s going on in the in the township and its recovery from Sandy, it’s no time to play political football with the marijuana issue.

Art Mooney

Little Egg Harbor



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