Poor Choice

Nov 22, 2017

To the Editor:

A contributor commented about the poor choice of material selected by Long Beach Township as a surface for the tennis court parking area on West Avenue in Holgate (“Park Problems,” 11/1). The writer’s opinion was blown off in a subsequent letter stating it’s the same material used at the township’s Bayview Park (“Holgate Not Neglected,” 11/8).

Had any time been spent researching instead of just throwing it out there, the writer would know the Bayview Park stone surface is compacted river rock. The Holgate surface is crushed stone. The two are complete opposites. The crushed stone has been in place for a few years now and due to the thickness it isn’t compacting like the surface at Bayview Park.

There is no way around this area in Holgate; you must cross it. Unless you have well-seasoned soles, you cannot walk on it with bare feet. You can’t push a stroller through it; you must pull. If you hit it with any speed on a bicycle you risk a wipeout. I would welcome the Bayview Park surface. The existing material in Holgate was a poor choice.

Kevin Kelly

Beach Haven Inlet


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