Postal Mess

Mar 01, 2017

To the Editor:

I’m writing in response to the Feb. 8 letter titled “What’s My Address? …” I couldn’t be more in agreement with Mary Ann Gutchigian regarding the constant frustration that ensues trying to receive mail and packages delivered to my home on a daily basis.

Here, too, are my many addresses: 17 W. New Jersey Ave., Brighton Beach, N.J. 08008; 17 W. New Jersey Ave., Beach Haven Crest, N.J. 08008; 17 W. New Jersey Ave., Long Beach Township, N.J. 08008; 17 W. 85th St., Brighton Beach, N.J. 08008; 17 W. 85th St., Beach Haven Crest, N.J. 08008; 17 W. 85th St., Long Beach Township, N.J. 08008.

In addition to general mail and packages getting lost, what upsets me most is the number of times our prescription medications are delivered to the wrong address. This is a critical matter. My 90-year-old husband and I shouldn’t have to resort to driving all over the Island to track them down.

My son ordered two bicycles online to be delivered to our address and they were never received. UPS was never able to determine where they delivered, resulting in weeks of paperwork and an eventual refund.

It’s gotten so bad over the years that we’re on a first name basis with the couple who live at our same exact address in Harvey Cedars, but unfortunately they are only summer residents. This doesn’t stop our mail being delivered to them; it’s just more difficult for us to retrieve our mail.

Often UPS and FedEx simply give up trying to locate us and send our packages back to their distribution centers. I then have to contact them directly and give them verbal directions to receive my packages. This, of course, means that I never receive packages on the delivery date I’ve paid for, and always adds days onto my delivery time.

I, too, have complained to both the post office and the township for years and nothing changes. No one takes responsibility and instead everyone blames each other.

Here’s a question: Why is it that after Superstorm Sandy and the adjusters were on the Island, the new street sign on my block was changed to 85 W. New Jersey Avenue? After all the claims were paid, the W. New Jersey name was removed once again. Apparently, the township is well aware of this ongoing problem and will make changes only when it is in its best interest.

I am a taxpaying resident of LBI and should not have to deal with this postal mess on a daily basis. Someone needs to step up and take responsibility for this ongoing problem.

Joan Chasmar

Brighton Beach (et al.)

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Posted by: Jean D Ragone | Mar 02, 2017 10:27

In all our years on LBI, I have only had one package delivered to another town on the Island. But I am one of the lucky ones.  My number and street name combination does not exist anywhere else on the Island. I am also very careful that when I am having something delivered that the sender is aware that I am in Harvey Cedars and they may need to force the town name when they enter my address as UPS and other delivery services may populate the town when they enter the zip code. The funny thing is - I live in HC but my mail is not handled through the HC post office but rather through the Beach Haven location.  If I have to pick up my mail at the PO for any reason, I have to go the Beach Haven, not the Harvey Cedars PO.  This hasn't really been a problem as I go to the Acme quite often. It's just odd.

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