Pray the Siren Blows

Sep 05, 2018

To the Editor:

Just to add to Nancy Aronson’s letter about the fire sirens on LBI (“Absolutely Necessary,” 8/29), she is spot-on about the need for them.

I have been a volunteer firefighter on the Island for many years, and am still an active member and responder. Our paging system now (Active 911), which is processed through our phones, is a great system, giving us vital information including, time, house address or location, nature and severity of call, as well as hydrant locations all along the Boulevard. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work because many responders have jobs, in construction, etc., that don’t always allow them to hear their phone. The siren gets the word out through another process.

A recent letter from Linda Harper from Surf City reminds me how some people don’t understand. I do not speak on behalf of my fire company or any other; I have only my own opinion, which I’ve had for a long time.

For argument’s sake, let’s say you or someone in your house accidentally leaves something on the stove, or a fire starts in one of a hundred different ways, and you and possibly other family, children, grandchildren, pets, etc., need help immediately. If there was a button on the wall in Mrs. Harper’s house or anyone else’s that blew the siren in their town, they wouldn’t care what time it was. They wouldn’t wonder if the alert got sent to the appropriate phones, or if they were affecting children and pets, or interrupting someone’s conversation or sleep, or bothering vacationers and residents that reside close to the siren’s location.

They would smash that button with all their might and pray that the siren blew, hoping someone heard it and that people were on their way. Think about it.

Craig Coddington

Harvey Cedars



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