Problems With Plastic

Jan 25, 2018

To the Editor:

In reply to Howie Brecher’s letter (“Bag the Ban,” 1/10), I find myself largely in agreement with him on his last two points: that we need to provide for proper, convenient recycling for all materials (including plastic bags), and that we need to tighten regulations on all sources of water pollution in this area.

But he ignores the two main reasons for not using plastic bags: that they are not biodegradable in any way (and thus get into the environment, causing various problems), and that they are made with oil, a non-renewable resource.

I remember “before plastic,” when paper bags and cartons were used for everything, and we got along just fine. Europe has mostly converted back to paper and cardboard without problems. The small additional cost/inconvenience (if any) is worth it to clean up the environment, and to leave some petroleum resources for our descendants.

Ron Marr


Beach Haven Gardens

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