Proven Leadership

Oct 05, 2016

To the Editor:

Four years ago this month we were enjoying the “locals summer,” unaware of the disaster about to befall us. When the weather forecasters began to see the possibility of what became Superstorm Sandy our community leaders set into motion their emergency plans.

Homeowners were strongly advised to secure their properties and as the predictions worsened we were urged to evacuate the Island. After Sandy hit with her stunning fury our Long Beach Township leaders were faced with the unimaginable task of restoring the Island. They moved with incredible speed to clear the roads of debris and boats. They immediately enlisted the help of local and state aid to organize the cleanup and protect the properties left damaged. The cleanup and disposal of our destroyed households was orderly and continued for months. They didn’t wait to see what FEMA would repay; they had a town to regenerate and moved on that task straightaway.

The introduction of the Island shuttle has provided a long-needed service. Summer workers and tourists could get around without adding to the growing traffic congestion and parking issues. It is easy to use and convenient, especially for those residents without a car.

Sandy uncovered strengths and insights in ourselves and in our leaders that surfaced when needed. The job of recovery is still ongoing. Vote for Bayard, Lattanzi and Mancini. They are proven leadership and we need them to continue serving Long Beach Township.

Jim and Georgene Hartmann

North Beach Haven

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