Pushing Back

Oct 10, 2018

To the Editor:

With my 45 years of both elected and appointive positions as a sitting mayor, elections chief, aide to a N.J. senator and most recently, as deputy chief of staff for a county executive, I learned, among other things, one very important lesson: never put into writing comments that can cause you immediate pushback or worse. Obviously, a couple of your readers don’t follow this long-time writing axiom.

Let’s take the more contemptible letter first – the writer last week from Tuckerton, calling Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh an “empty robe.” Really? I guess the writer overlooked Kavanaugh’s years on the highest appeals court in the land, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, his 306 legal opinions, many of which are now law, his years as White House counsel, his perfect 100 percent ABA rating, along with his apprenticeship on the U.S. Supreme Court. Just minor facts or “empty robe,” huh?

However, what is most disgusting about this writer is his almost direct innuendo of pedophilia concerning the new justice, by stating, quote, “I wouldn’t want my children associating with him,” unquote! How dare he imply such a malicious thing of a loving dad, a devoted, religious family man, a girls soccer coach and a loving husband? The nerve of him to write such an obscene thing!

No, Mr. Letter Writer, he’s not an “empty robe,” but rather, you are an empty head with a totally void conscience for your horrid, putrid letter.

Now let’s look at our resident commentator in The SandPaper who every four to six weeks writes his “fact-filled” anti-President Trump thesis. Smart man as he is, he gives hint that he’s really nonpartisan so in the last several lines of his long babble, he puts in one minor criticism of a Democrat (Cory Booker) but then loads his thesis with numerous anti-GOP facts.

So let’s analyze his details. He writes that the GOP only thinks of the rich with the new round of tax cuts coming. This is now a generation-old war cry of the Democrats: the rich ripping off the poor. And white men against minorities, and men who are pigs to women, along with millions of people who will die (Nancy Pelosi). As they say in the South, Mr. Commentator, “That dog don’t hunt no more!” Hillary Clinton lost on that in 2016 and many Americans, by and large, now reject such garbage.

Now unless he’s been on Mars for six months, he missed the story that the recent GOP tax cuts positively affected 90 percent of Americans, increased their salaries and 401ks, put more money in their monthly pensions (including my family) and brought the unemployment rate in America to a 50-year low of 3.7 percent, while employment is at an all-time high. I’m sorry he saw no financial increase as he then must be one of the “rich.”

He must be confusing President Trump with Democrat Gov. Murphy, who just signed into law taxation that will affect 6 million New Jersey residents every time they order things online. He couldn’t get his income tax increase from the Democratic legislature (thank you, Mr. Sweeney!) so now he does his end-run with multiple fee increases for the next four years.

Mr. Commentator criticizes Education Secretary Betty DeVos for rewriting the anti-sexual harassment rules in American colleges. Wow! I guess he just happened to forget the number of young men at both Duke University and Columbia University and others who were falsely accused of rape and whose lives were also ruined (see Judge Kavanaugh) and were then found not guilty of such terrible acts. This cost those two colleges millions in damages that they so deserved for pre-judging innocent young men.

And finally he criticizes the president for going to the United Nations two weeks ago and critiquing our allies for not carrying their fair share. We have known this for years, but the three prior presidents just sat on their duffs as U.S. monies flowed out of the country. Did he mention the trade deficit with China, which will help pay off our deficit? Just a slip of the pen, I guess!

Any finally, Mr. Commentator, you are living in the greatest society in the world (see Venezuela) in spite of the wackos chasing people out of restaurants, threatening families, shooting one GOP congressman last year and acting like morons at the recent Senate hearings. But here’s a question for you: If you’re ever arrested for anything, do you still believe in due process and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty? Your national Democrat Party does not appear to (Justice Kavanaugh).

Peter Incardone

Surf City

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