Puzzling Action

Jul 26, 2017

To the Editor:

I am concerned and confused about the recent actions of our Stafford Township Board of Education to, yet again, extend Superintendent Chidiac’s contract until 2022 before it is due for renewal in 2019.

This is the second time his contract has been extended prior to fulfillment. The first time his contract was extended midstream was in 2014, only one year after he was hired. His initial three-year 2013 contract was prematurely replaced with a five-year contract in 2014.

At the July 19 board meeting, his contract was on the agenda, once again, to extend for another five years until 2022. This is an extraordinary measure to be taken even for a widely admired tax-paid employee, so it is very perplexing the board would take this kind of action with a school employee who has been at the center of large criticism since the start of his career here in Stafford.

Many parents and teachers have spoken out against and questioned Superintendent Chidiac’s motives for what many perceive as costly, unnecessary decisions that have not only more than doubled our school budgets since his term started but have also impacted our teachers to the point of some very capable, beloved teachers resigning from our district.

What is also puzzling is the board focusing on the salary and contract of one employee when the entire body of employees is working without a contract.

Our schools are funded by our tax dollars. This is not a private organization. Our board was elected to be the steward of our hard-earned wages, ensuring that our children are receiving the best education our tax dollars can afford. Our current elected school board members have lost sight of that. I certainly hope we can remember this at the polls this November.

Lisa Vassallo



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