Ready-Made Solution

Oct 11, 2017

To the Editor:

I believe that we all benefit from those who use the LBI shuttle. Each person on the bus represents at least one car that’s not on the roads. For people who aren’t able to drive, riding the bus removes four cars. 

Imagine one trip when Mom drives the kids to the library and another trip when she drives back home. Then, two hours later, two more cars because Dad drives to pick the kids up and bring them home. 

The shuttle is also a fine way to provide mixing of our population. People chat with strangers on the bus.

If the shuttle is having financial difficulties, I believe some payment for the service is in order. However, I dread the bus drivers collecting fares, making change and keeping money on board. This will slow the buses tremendously and make the job of driving even harder.

We do have a ready-made solution to funding this transportation benefit. Each municipality on the Island should increase their beach badge fee by $10. This new revenue would be allocated to the LBI shuttle system. People wishing to ride the bus must display a beach badge. Based on past beach badge sales, the shuttle system would be able to estimate future revenues and plan expansion accordingly.

Just as we all gain from our beaches having guards, we all win when everyone helps to pay for our shuttle.

Suellen H. Riffkin

Harvey Cedars


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