Real Cool Hand

Sep 14, 2016

To the Editor:

You may not like Donald Trump. He’s brash, unrefined and sometimes even vulgar, but he’s real and gives the press access to his views without being filtered by a network of political hacks. He’s unpredictable and regularly will knock the socks off of friend and foe alike.

Hillary Clinton has a history of being deceitful, of stretching the truth and violating the public trust. She spends her time giving prescripted press releases with no questions allowed, virtually hiding from a press that for whatever reason still supports her in spite of the trail of corruption she has left behind throughout her public life.

Nationally she leads in the polls and has a huge advantage in campaign funds. It seems that the hedge fund masters of Wall Street have chosen a puppet without the need of even hedging their bets. But to the average working American this fact alone speaks volumes. Lately it looks as though the Trump campaign has nothing going for it: no donors, no political savvy, no respect from or for the media.

I’m mindful of a line from a classic Paul Newman movie: “Sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand.”

James Spickard

Little Egg Harbor




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