Real ‘Pearls’

Aug 09, 2017

To the Editor:

In last week’s edition, your writer inaccurately referred to the lights on the old Causeway Bridge as the “string of pearls.” The “string of pearls” was not the lights on the Causeway Bridge; the string of pearls, an image much older than the Causeway Bridge, refers to the string of lights on Long Beach Island stretching out in the darkness like a string of white pearls on black velvet.

There was a red light in the middle of the string of pearls, probably Wida’s old restaurant, which we used to imagine as the clasp. Every time we approached the Island at night, usually after a trip to Philadelphia, we looked for the string of pearls and felt we were home.

All of this was long, long before the “new” bridge was erected. Those bridge lights, merely linking Manahawkin with Ship Bottom, could not compare with the genuine string of pearls, which on clear nights was almost 18 miles long.

Kathleen T. Daniel

New York, N.Y.



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