Record Corrected

Oct 18, 2017

To the Editor:

Pat Johnson’s Oct. 11 article on the Beck Farm house in Beach Haven quotes Jeanette Lloyd, a member of the Historic Preservation Advisory Commission, as saying that the group tried years ago to persuade the owners to put the house on a national or state registry of historic homes, but “a son who was a lawyer in D.C. gave all the paperwork a look-over and said no, so we lost that battle.”

As the aforementioned D.C. lawyer, I would like to correct the record. I recall once discussing a proposal for a historical designation with my parents, but I neither reviewed any paperwork (at least if it was anything more than a letter) nor advised against the idea. Indeed, my views would have been either in favor (personally) or neutral (as an adviser) toward such a designation, whereas my parents were dead set against it, both because they were politically conservative and because they had worked so hard on the house, which represented the bulk of their life savings.

No one has fonder memories of that house than the six children who spent their summers growing up there. Although we do not have the resources to maintain it as-is on six lots, we have worked hard with the borough and the commission on the plan, as described in the article, to move and restore the historical portion of the house on a single lot.

Jim Frazer

Washington, D.C.


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