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Nov 02, 2018

To the Editor:

Talk is cheap. We’ve seen a lot of it recently in national politics, that’s for sure. And now, sadly, it’s worked its ugly way into local politics. I can’t stand seeing it here in our great, resilient community of Stafford, but there it is. Cheap talk and smears work on the national stage. But that’s not the Stafford I know, and the good neighbors of our community won’t stand for it either.

I know Joe Mangino as a neighbor and a hero in our community, and a lot of people here know him, too, from the work he has already done making our community strong, both on the local and the national level. Organizing a team of volunteers to clean up and rebuild homes destroyed by Sandy in 2012, as Joe did, and saving our neighbors a total of $4 million was not “progressive”; it was the right thing to do. Helping enact legislation, as Joe did, to go after crooked contractors who took the money and ran from our neighbors who just wanted to get back home was not “leftist”; it was the right thing to do.

Greg Myhre says he’s going to “take on” the governor. Joe Mangino has already taken on the state under two governors and gotten results, as has been recently noted in this paper.

I’ve canvassed for Joe, and our neighbors, many staunch Republicans, know Joe Mangino. He’s gotten the support of our current Republican mayor. One gentleman in Beach Haven West, after cursing Phil Murphy up and down, told us proudly that Joe has his vote because Joe’s volunteers helped him clean up after the storm. We know his character.

That is the strength and character of our community. That is Stafford, and that is why, on Nov. 6, I will vote for Joe Mangino for mayor.

Anthony Galligani



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