Replenishment Completed in Brant Beach

Work Underway in Harvey Cedars
Jun 06, 2018

Beachfill contractor Weeks Marine Inc. wrapped up replenishment operations in Brant Beach last Wednesday, May 30. According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, demobilization is expected to take several days, and will occur in the morning hours during weekdays. Additional work on dune crossovers and beach accesses may continue following demobilization.

Restoration was conducted from about 31st to 57th Street in this mid-Island section of Long Beach Township, with the hopper dredge Magdalen.

Weeks is now moving some of its equipment from Brant Beach to Surf City, where dredging is scheduled to begin after the Magdalen returns from approximately two weeks in mandatory dry dock for repairs.

Meanwhile, the contractor’s cutterhead pipeline dredge R.S. Weeks began placing sand near 69th Street in Harvey Cedars a little more than a week ago. In Harvey Cedars, Weeks is first proceeding south, and will then flip and pump north to the border of Loveladies.

In Surf City, the pipe landing will be made at 11th Street, and work will first move north, then flip to proceed south toward the border of Ship Bottom.

“Ideally, construction takes place outside of the summer season, but there is a limited number of dredges capable of completing this type of project,” the Army Corps explains on the project website, “The hopper dredge Magdalen is being used to complete construction at Brant Beach while the pipeline dredge R.S. Weeks (and a booster pump) is being used for construction in Harvey Cedars. Hopper dredges function like a ship as they transit back and forth between a sand borrow site and pump out buoy near the shoreline. Cutterhead pipeline dredges function more like a stationary barge and continuously pump sand from a sand borrow site through pipeline and onto the beach.”

“Additionally,” the site states, “weather, mechanical issues and progress on other projects has significantly impacted the schedule for work on Long Beach Island.”

Work in both Surf City and Harvey Cedars should be completed around the end of July, barring any delays.  —J.K.-H.

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