Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur Crosses the Aisle 10 Times

Apr 25, 2018

As Congressman Tom MacArthur (R-NJ-3rd) prepares for what could be a tough re-election battle, he is attempting to build up his bipartisan creds. His Democratic opponent, former Obama national security adviser Andy Kim, will likely be a much tougher foe than Frederick John Lavergne was in 2016. Lavergne lost badly to the two-term Republican, winning just 38.9 percent of the vote to MacArthur’s 59.3 percent.

But Kim is raising far more money than Lavergne, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has named him on its list of 24 top-tier challengers whom the committee plans to support in the 2018 election.

Kim has been busy pinning MacArthur to President Donald Trump and to the GOP’s attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“MacArthur didn’t just vote for Trumpcare, he wrote it,” said Kim of MacArthur’s amendment that pushed the repeal and replace bill through the House (it failed in the Senate by one vote).

MacArthur has always maintained he’s a bipartisan legislator. But on Monday, in an attempt to sink that message in, he announced he’s cosponsoring no fewer than 10 bipartisan bills.

“I’ve always believed that members of both parties have to work together to solve tough problems facing our districts and our country,” said MacArthur. “These 10 bipartisan bills address a host of critical issues facing South Jersey, including improving our schools, protecting domestic abuse victims, cracking down on human trafficking, caring for marine life and supporting our local fishermen. Since I came to Congress, I’ve been reaching across the aisle to improve the lives of my constituents and will continue to work with anyone to support South Jersey.”

None of the bills would probably be described as major legislation, but all were introduced by Democrats.

The Safe Schools Improvement Act would require states to direct their local educational agencies to establish policies to prevent and prohibit conduct such as bullying and harassment – already in effect in the Garden State.

The IDEA Full Funding Act requires regular increases in funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to meet the federal commitment.

The Anti-Lunch Shaming Act prohibits schools from singling out students who are unable to pay for lunch.

The Pet Safety and Protection Act would prohibit random source animal dealers from selling dogs and cats to researchers.

The Pet and Women Safety Act broadens the definition of stalking to include conduct that causes a person to experience a reasonable fear of death or serious injury to his or her pets.

The Human Trafficking Fraud Enforcement Act directs the U.S. Department of the Treasury to establish an IRS office to investigate and prosecute violations of tax laws by people who appear to be violating laws against forced labor, trafficking of individuals, and transportation of minors or aliens for immoral purposes.

The Smithsonian Women’s History Museum Act would establish a comprehensive women’s history museum in Washington, D.C.

The Cold Case Record Collections Act would allow citizens to request the declassification of certain documents from civil rights cold cases. It was drafted by high school students in Hightstown.

The Transparent Summer Flounder Quotas Act, drafted by New Jersey Democrat Frank Pallone, would delay the current reduction in summer flounder quota.

The Orca Responsibility and Care Advancement Act would prohibit taking, importing or exporting the killer whale species, or any product that contains that species, for public display purposes.

— Rick Mellerup

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