Rescuers Commended

Oct 17, 2018

To the Editor:  

I wanted to commend and thank the Surf City police and 911 responders for their immediate help when I needed them this past September. 

I had recently purchased a new car and after packing up to leave, I put my dog in the back of car and closed the door. The car doors automatically shut with my keys and phone in the handbag on the seat. It was quite hot outside and I did not have the car cooled yet, so I was in a frantic state, concerned about my dog stuck in the car. 

Luckily, my wonderful neighbors Rich and Phyllis Miller were home and helped reach 911 and police. Two responders from 911 arrived in less than five minutes and Officer Mike Allen shortly afterward. They worked together and were able to open the car without damage and within 10 minutes of my call. 

Officer Mike Allen and the two 911 responders (unfortunately, I did not get their names) were very compassionate and professional throughout my ordeal. Luckily, my dog did not overheat and continued to bark at his rescuers. Thank you, all!   

Eve Cella

Surf City


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