Residents Oppose Plan to Vacate Part of Waverly Avenue in North Beach Haven

Mar 08, 2017

Neighbors in the vicinity of 13th Street and Waverly Avenue in North Beach Haven expressed disapproval Monday at a Long Beach Township public hearing on a plan to vacate a bayfront dirt road in that area. Residents opposing the plan cited concern over losing waterfront access as well as possible increased flooding should the owners of the two lots that abut the parcel build up that stretch of land.

Thirteenth Street runs to the bay, and that 60-foot road end would remain public access. The tract in question, which juts off to the left from 13th Street, comprises the very south end of Waverly Avenue, which runs along the bay. “The street was always something of a dirt road or broken asphalt road,” attorney Stu Snyder explained. Snyder represents the Neyer family, which owns a home along the parcel and would like the township to vacate the land. The Neyers would use the additional property for landscaping.

Attorney James Rabin, meanwhile, was in attendance Monday to represent a family that bought the vacant lot next to the Neyers’ home, and are also in favor of the township vacating the parcel. Rabin’s clients, he noted, are waiting to build their home until the matter of the vacation is decided.

Neighbor Nick DiPano pointed out that the contested area is utilized by individuals accessing the bay, and “is a refuge for kids” playing outside. He added, “I don’t think it’s fair these two families would get a financial windfall” if granted the bayfront land.

Susan Oswald, who also lives on Waverly, is concerned about more flooding in the neighborhood if the road is vacated and the land built up. The neighborhood already has a significant problem with flooding, Oswald noted.

A number of other nearby residents echoed this same sentiment about flooding. In response, Snyder and Mayor Joseph Mancini discussed the possibility of deed restrictions for the homeowners should the township vacate the land. “We’re not here to exasperate a problem that exists,” said Snyder.

The mayor asked that anyone in opposition to or in favor of the vacation send an email to the township officials stating their opinion. Email addresses are available on

“We’re going to take everything into consideration,” said Mancini.  —J.K.-H.

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