Resist the Resistance

Sep 13, 2017

To the Editor:

Resist. What does that word mean? Does it mean that I must accept the belief that those who enter this country illegally and are allowed to freely flaunt our laws should be entitled to remain in our country? Does it mean that sanctuary cities are wonderful places of refuge for felons even if they commit murder, rape or similar grievous harm to another?

Does it mean that those who are in the profession of law enforcement are targets for the hatred of sick and evil people who feel they have the right to kill innocent officers? Does it mean that free speech is acceptable on college campuses and in public forums only if the words and ideas are acceptable to the intolerant minority? Does it mean that the lies perpetrated by the news media when presented to the public are to be believed when it is obvious that the stories exude negativity and venom toward our president? Without a shred of evidence are we to conclude that Mr. Trump and the Russians planned to have Hillary defeated in November?

I am so tired of the name calling, the taking of a minute point and magnifying it to make a story into something when it is a nothing. The words racist, bigot, fascist and hater are used with such frequency that the average person is completely turned off by these accusatory words. I know that I am not the only person who believes this. I strongly encourage you to speak out and defy the language of the day. What we are hearing is evil, pure and simple. Your future is being shaped by the elements that find no joy in or love for this country. Creating havoc and chaos is their main goal.

I would like to thank Mr. Trump for his dedicated work for our nation. Since his first day in office, he has tirelessly worked to improve the lot of the working man and to wipe out the injustices and restrictions passed by our former president. He has accomplished more in his first six months in office that has any recent president. A younger man could not keep up with his pace and the scope of influence.

I am grateful that he has taken on the shambles left by his predecessor. He has shown courage and perseverance in the face of absolute disrespect and defiance. I pray for him and those he has selected for roles in leadership. I hope that you also will pray for our nation and our leaders. If our nation does not stand together, it will surely fall. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Is Mr. Trump flawless? No! Is America flawless? No, but this is the greatest nation on this Earth. I am proud to be an American and I thank God that I live here.

I want our grandchildren to live bravely and free, but we must set the course by our example.

J.R. Stott

Barnegat Light

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