Responsive Public Servant

Sep 27, 2016

To the Editor:

The Great Bay Democratic Club is pleased to announce and support the candidacy of Mayor Eugene “Gene” Kobryn for a three-year Little Egg Harbor Township Committee term commencing in January 2017.

In 2015, township voters put into action their desire for a change by electing two Democrats to the then all-Republican township committee. Despite this vote, some of those remaining on the committee did not hear their constituents’ dissatisfaction with the status quo in Little Egg, but Mr. Kobryn did hear the voices of the voters loud and clear and immediately sprang into action.

In January 2016, Kobryn, as mayor and at the time a Republican, was met with resistance from the old regime when he launched his support of a bipartisan local government by bravely appointing a Democrat ( Dave Schlick) as his deputy mayor. He then fearlessly proceeded to implement greater and greater transparency into the workings of the municipality – the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly. Mr. Kobryn truly heard and honored the wishes of the local voting public.

Throughout his long tenure as a public servant, the goal of Mr. Kobryn has always been to consistently expand upon his understanding of the needs of the township and its residents by supporting fiscally responsible decisions, expediting issues and concerns toward productive solutions, fostering bipartisan cooperation among the township’s elected and appointed officials, advocating cost-effective services that will improve the quality of life for all residents, acting on the concerns of taxpayers for affordable property taxes that will allow them to remain in the town that they love, ensuring that the folks impacted by Superstorm Sandy continue to receive the necessary assistance to recover from this disaster and fostering the rights of all local residents to have a voice and that this voice be heard by all of the town’s elected officials.

Mr. Kobryn believes that being elected to the township committee is a privilege and an honor, and takes the responsibilities of this position very seriously.

When elected, Mr. Kobryn vows to utilize his many years of experience to promote a township environment of transparency, bipartisan leadership, fiscal responsibility and focus on what binds us as a community rather than what divides us.

The Great Bay Democratic Club proudly supports the candidacy of Eugene “Gene” Krobryn for the position of township committee person. Anyone with questions can contact Peter Ferwerda, campaign manager, at P.O. Box 1505, Little Egg Harbor, N.J. 08087.

Earl Lewis, vice president

Great Bay Democratic Club



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