Retain Service

Oct 25, 2017

To the Editor:

No fare! The LBI shuttle has provided much needed public transportation to the Island’s residents, renters and visitors. The shuttle makes the Island more attractive as a vacation option. It gives young workers a way to get to their summer jobs. It provides older and non-driving people a way to get around. It makes partying safer and it reduces pollution, congestion and traffic. 

As Michael Songer pointed out in last week’s SandPaper (“Financials, Please”), we have not been given enough information to understand the cost of the shuttle, but surely this is a bona fide use of taxpayer money. In addition to an analysis of current costs, let’s see a comparison of the different alternatives for accommodating the higher-than-expected usage. More smaller buses? Seasonal rental of off-duty school buses?

As a community we should be eager to retain this useful service, even if we have to figure out a way to spread the cost among our various municipalities.

C.J. Bowers

North Beach Haven

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Posted by: Jean D Ragone | Oct 26, 2017 08:16

When I was younger, there was a Jitney that transported people up and down the Island. Riders paid a fee of, I believe, 10 to 25 cents per ride to use it. I do not know why the riders today cannot pay some sort of nominal charge for ridership.  I do not see $1.00 per ride for adults with a lesser fee for those under 18 as being excessive enough to deter riders from using the service.   Perhaps locals & summer residents who use it and owners who rent their property out could purchase season passes.  By law they cannot tack charges onto beach badge fees that do not pertain to beach management. Also, it’s not fair to put the full cost on taxpayers who may never use the service.

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