Revamped Website Helps Beach Haven Taxpayers Association Better Serve the Public

Feb 08, 2017

The Beach Haven Taxpayers Association has revamped its website,, to better involve local residents in the issues that matter most to the town. Significant upgrades to the website will continue in the coming months, according to John Hailperin, association president.

“We see significant challenges facing our residents, including the recent revaluation, loss of businesses along Bay Avenue, the construction of the new borough hall and its expenses and the reduction of the borough’s municipal tax rate, being the highest of all six of LBI’s municipalities,” Hailperin stated. “It is time for bold moves and the need to find solutions to these issues.”

Hailperin said the website serves the public by providing updates on news and issues that affect the town. It helps residents understand different issues, from commercial vacancies to property and school tax reform. The site also provides a place for people to share their thoughts and opinions to help drive solutions and ideas.  —K.A.E.

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