Rewarding Experience

Nov 14, 2018

To the Editor:

I want to thank every one of the Barnegat residents who came out to vote, and especially those who voted for Dan Ward and me. Running for elected office last year, and again this year, was a rewarding experience. I visited nearly every part of Barnegat. I met some great people. This is truly a wonderful town and I appreciate the confidence shown in me by so many.

I had not met Dan Ward until shortly before our campaign began in 2017. Dan is the type of leader Barnegat needs, an honest, fact-based decision maker dedicated to serving the community and wise beyond his years. A relatively short conversation with Dan convinced me that I should stand for election with him. He has my full support and I wish him the very best in all things.

My thanks also go to Ron Naples for his guidance and encouragement as our campaign manager. As a new name in the political arena, I learned that getting recognized and garnering some attention are among the hardest things to achieve. Ron also serves as the president of the Barnegat Democratic Club, which is where we first met.

Also, a huge thank you to Marianne Clemente, who first relinquished her spot on the ballot in 2017 to allow me to run and who worked hard for our election both years. There are many others who devoted huge amounts of their time, but I will not further reveal their identities here. You know who you are, and thanks.

It is not likely that I will be on the ballot for another elected office. It was a great experience learning more about the town, becoming familiar with the wide range of our residents’ concerns, and understanding more about how our local government functions. I believe that this type of service is best provided by the younger generations.

However, I don’t intend for this to be the last you hear from me. I hope to share with you some of the things I learned and observed while participating in this most important process in our republic, fair and free elections.

Paul K. Whitcraft


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