Ridiculous War

Feb 13, 2019

To the Editor:

I can’t take another single minute of this ridiculous drug war on marijuana. And juries can’t either, which is reason 1,000,000 why it’s over. It isn’t up to government and taxpayer money to protect me from me.

The “gateway” theory that the Barnegat mayor references is laughable (“Barnegat Mayor Petitioning Against Legalizing Weed in NJ,” 1/30). One hundred percent of Hells Angels started on tricycles; should we ban tricycles to curb gang violence? The mayor thinks so, and then he pivots to opioids for some unknown reason, presumably because no one is afraid of cannabis any longer.

He says marijuana is “20 to 40 times stronger” today than in the 1960s. Did anyone bother to do the math on that? Today’s cannabis ranges from 18 to 25 percent THC typically, so if I divide 25 percent by 40 I get 0.625 percent, which is six times less than industrial hemp. So the hippies wallowing in the mud at Woodstock were smoking something six times weaker than feral hemp? Sure.

The Barnegat mayor can choose to live in 1950 if he likes. We’re all moving forward.

Mark Godfrey

St. Louis, Mo.



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