Sandbar Property Management Ready for Zika With Mosquito Netting

Sep 09, 2016

Sandbar Property Management, LLC of Harvey Cedars would, at first glance, seem to be a fairly typical property management company. Owner Pat O’Donnell, who has been running the company four years, will check on your second home all off-season long, winterize your house, open it up in the spring and inform you of any problems should a nor’easter or blizzard visit Southern Ocean County.

O’Donnell and company can perform handyman services including power washing, deck and dock refinishing and repair, boat cleanup, boat bottom painting and furniture and door frame repair.

“I’ll do just about anything except electrical work,” he said.

He’ll even tackle home improvements such as new deck installation, interior and exterior painting, landscaping and drywall installation and serve as a liaison to sub-contractors. Again, all fairly typical of a property management service.

But O’Donnell has advertised a new service in light of the growing fear of the Zika virus – mosquito netting.

He said he didn’t get any calls this summer requesting the netting. But if the virus starts making its way north, perhaps out of Florida into Georgia and South Carolina, it is easy to imagine his phone starting to ring next spring.

He’s already worked with mosquitocurtains.com, a small, family-owned Atlanta-based business that has gotten ahead of the Zika/netting curve, so much so that it has caught the attention of USA Today, the Chicago Sun-Times and HGTV. Mosquitocurtains.com also specializes in winter panels – clear vinyl panels that can turn your porch into a warm, cozy, rain-free area in cold weather. O’Donnell has installed such panels on the Island and explored the mosquito curtain line as well.

Why bother with mosquito curtains when you could simply have your porch screened in? Well, imagine what the salt air of LBI would do to typical screens.

Anyway, when mosquitoes smell blood – or however they detect a possible meal – they can be persistent, sneaking through typical screening. Mosquitocurtains.com’s most popular screening has small holes, so small it has 230 holes per square inch. And if you’re really paranoid about Zika, or happen to live in a neighborhood infested with no-see-ums, you can order no-see-um netting curtains, with an amazing 800 holes per square inch.

The company’s most popular netting curtains allow an 85 percent airflow while the no-see-um model checks in at 65 percent. Both come in black, white or ivory, with black being the most popular because it doesn’t show an accumulation of dirt while providing, counter-intuitively, the most clarity. Of course, one has to take that sea air into consideration – white or ivory may work better on a beach house, the better not to notice a salt build-up.

Mosquitocurtains.com also offers privacy curtains.

Sandbar Property Management’s phone number is 609-377-9637.

— Rick Mellerup

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