Save a Savior

Jun 14, 2017

To the Editor:

Thank you for the excellent piece by Adam Zielinski titled “Save the Holgate Marsh for Greater Good.” I agree that the former wetlands should be saved and not developed. We have enough houses, condos and paved properties on the Island, crowding out the potential for water absorption. The only reason for building on this land bordering Webster, Pennsylvania and Susan avenues in Holgate would be greed.

There is little vacant land left, and this property has the potential to become a wetland again. I can attest that it was once a spawning ground for fish and teeming with wildlife. I owned a home adjacent to this area and believe my former house was saved by this marsh. It suffered little damage during the ravages of Sandy’s storm. I realize this land was covered with sand from the beach. Isn’t that better than houses being covered? Isn’t that the purpose of wetlands?

I wrote a letter to Long Beach Township a year ago and attended a meeting on this very important issue. I have been waiting to hear the outcome on this property.

I would ask Mayor Mancini to do the right thing and try to save this last little bit of marsh.

Kathleen Donnelly

Beach Haven Terrace

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