Save the Buses

Aug 30, 2017

To the Editor:

Most people with two eyes only need to watch the LBI buses as they pass or pick and drop off people that as far as ridership, they are a roaring success.

Many people, including myself, have known of the need from experience. I hear my nieces and nephews and their friends say all the time, “We’re going to take the bus to Beach Haven for the night.” When workers at my business get second jobs, they use the buses to get to their second job. I have friends who like to get takeout food at Barnegat Light then walk to the lighthouse to eat at the picnic table and watch the sunset. When tenants say, “What are you near?” there is such an advantage of being able to say, “There is a free shuttle that runs about every 20 minutes on the Island now.”

However, most people know nothing in life is free. Last year there was a referendum about possibly charging for the buses in the future. Many people may not have realized when they voted not to charge that they were most likely voting for no more buses. The buses will go away without a steady funding source. If there is such a source they will expand operation and become more reliable. 

This year there will be a new referendum. Please vote yes to keep the buses.

Kevin Stretch, board member

LBI Chamber of Commerce


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