Scared Off Beach

Dec 06, 2017

To the Editor:

I would also like to add to the chain of letters during the past several weeks regarding unleashed dogs on the beach. We own three small dogs that love to walk on the beach in Barnegat Light. We can no longer take them because of off-leash dogs, mostly large in size, running free on the beach.

Large dogs can harm or kill smaller dogs even if they don’t mean it, and it makes for a very stressful walk on the beach looking over my shoulder to see if any unleashed dogs are coming. I have resorted in the past to bring pepper spray with me just in case.

One day I was sitting on the beach and two dogs were running free with the owner quite a distance away. There were children in the area as well. I love dogs, but it made me nervous for myself and for the few children in the area. The owner could not have interceded if the dogs became violent.

Some people do not like dogs. Some children are very afraid of them and some people do not want to be bothered.  It’s unfair to assume everyone who visits the beach wants that kind of experience. Perhaps the dog owners who do this do not realize the consequence of their actions, but I ask that dog owners please obey the signs that say, “All dogs must be on a leash at all times.”

I myself would like to take my dogs for beach walks again or just sit by myself in a chair on the beach without the concern of an 80-pound, off-leash dog running around me. The beach is there to be enjoyed by everyone, not just dog owners.

Elizabeth Filoramo

New Providence, N.J., and Barnegat Light


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