Self-Serving Comments

Oct 17, 2018

To the Editor:

I recently I received a letter from Mayor John Spodofora endorsing Democrat mayoral candidate Joe Mangino in the November election. Certainly, the mayor is entitled to endorse whomever he sees fit.

The mayor says in his letter that Mangino is not part of any political “machine.” Quite the contrary, as Mangino has the full support of the Democratic Party and of the New Jersey Organizing Project, a nonprofit political organization of which he is president. The NJOP has been conducting political training events at the Stafford Township community centers.

In recent news articles, Spodofora indicated that he has met with Mangino. While meeting with a candidate prior to an election at town hall is not illegal, it is presumptuous and ethically challenged to do so prior to the November election. I expect that when our mayor is at town hall, he should be conducting the town’s business, not strategizing with a candidate that he endorses for his own reasons.

I suspect that Mayor Spodofora’s comments after the June primary have been more about self-service and less about anything else. James Lane Allen was correct; adversity does reveal character. Adversity also reveals flaws.

Paul Krier

Stafford Township

The writer is a Republican candidate for Stafford Township Council.

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