Severely Stressed

Aug 08, 2018

To the Editor:

The longer this administration, the Republican Congress and the so-called “base” persists in desecrating the institutions of our government – attacking the free press, trampling traditional American values and ignoring all the lies emanating from this amoral White House – the closer we are getting to a total breakdown of civil society. (Just what Russia wants?)

A year ago it was easier to “agree to disagree” than it is now. The base is baser. People who appeared to be normal, church-going, honorable, generous, God-fearing and righteous are sitting back and letting our government separate children from their parents, discredit our intelligence agencies (if not U.S. intelligence, whose will we rely on?), and manipulate and confuse by calling the truth “lies” and lies “truth.”

Folks who would never allow themselves to be included in the “base,” by their silence and lack of outrage, are all complicit in what is a slow destruction of our democracy. Most of the Trump base will not listen to reason, due to hatred, fear, ignorance or whatever. The best of the base (some try to disguise themselves as apolitical) stay silent and try to ignore what is going on. Some won’t listen to arguments, but make suppression of any anti-Trump expression or conversation a condition for continued love and friendship.

Among friends and families, conditional love is no love at all. Families and friendships are being severely stressed or ripped apart because many just won’t talk about it or see just how dangerous these times have become as a result of the mistakes of the past three years.

The damage to the U.S. is severe already and will take decades to undo, from our moral standing in the world to the personal relationships that have been damaged or destroyed. So in the Trump era, we are no longer “One Nation Under God.” And many have forgotten that “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”

Tom McArdle

Ship Bottom


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