She Cried

Aug 30, 2017
Courtesy of: Helen Fadini The writer’s granddaughter, Gabrielle O’Hanlon of Pearl River, N.Y., settles in at James Madison University.

She cried because she knew things had changed forever.

That it would never again be what it was before.

That high school friends she saw everyday were now scattered across the country.

That the irresponsible days of high school were over.

That she was now totally responsible for everything in her life.

That there was no buffer.

That mom and dad weren’t a minute away.

She cried because she questioned if she was up to the task.

But she cried because she knew she was up to the task and she knew she could pull it off. She knew it would take a different mindset and courage.

She cried because she knew she could do it. 

She cried for the goodbyes and the hellos.

She knew she would be OK and that she could make it but …

She cried because she was entering adulthood.

She cried, but she knew it would all be fine.

Helen Fadini

Washington Township, N.J., and Beach Haven

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