Shellfish Champions

Feb 28, 2018

To the Editor:

The article from Feb. 21, “Bird Nesting Area Reinforced on Mordecai Island,” notes that ReClam the Bay (RCTB) was a partner in the project. This is typical of the projects in which RCTB is involved.  

ReClam the Bay, the local nonprofit organization that works to improve the quality of Barnegat Bay, has been involved in the LBI community for 13 years now. This next month RCTB will conduct our “Shellfish Champions” Mid-Winter Fundraising Campaign to collect donations for our education and environmental activities. The goal is to raise at least $10,000. Contributions can be made online at reclamthebay.org/donate/.

Shellfish love and serve our bay. We need to improve their numbers and the water in which they live. Your donation helps teach people how to improve water quality, strengthen the shellfish stock and avoid activities that hurt the bay. RCTB provides a wide range of volunteer and visitor opportunities for people of all ages, including hands-on participation at our 10 upweller locations situated around Barnegat Bay, presentations at local fairs and festivals, and participation at “Clam College,” RCTB’s certified Shellfish Gardeners program.

During the 30-day Shellfish Champions fundraising campaign, we will highlight stories and photos on Facebook and Twitter from our volunteers and donors describing why they support RCTB, so please follow us. I hope that the thoughts of our family of volunteers and financial donors will resonate with people and inspire them to support us.  

I’m delighted to announce that donations up to $5,000 will be matched by contributions from the Marta Heflin Foundation, the Eiff Foundation, the George and Miriam Martin Foundation and the RCTB board of trustees. We’re extremely grateful to them for recognizing the value of our contributions to the environment with their matching donations.     

Rick Bushnell, president

ReClam the Bay




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