Ship Bottom Council to Revisit Stipend for Deputy Registrar Post

Aug 02, 2017

No decision was reached without a lengthy deliberation at the Ship Bottom Borough Council’s monthly meeting last week – not even a procedural request to certify a new deputy registrar. The discussion became so animated Municipal Clerk Kathy Wells, also borough registrar, reminded council members she didn’t need their approval to make the appointment.

“I am appointing her,” Wells said, noting she added resolution 2017-118 appointing Sara Gresko, also deputy municipal clerk, as deputy registrar so it was included in the meeting record. “I don’t need a resolution to do it.”

Wells was prepared to write a letter to the state certifying Gresko as her deputy in the event the council failed to act on the resolution, or if she didn’t receive a majority support for it. The issue isn’t with Gresko but with asking her to take on additional responsibilities without a stipend for the work – something her predecessor did have. Councilmen Peter Rossi and Joe Valyo said they believe a stipend should be included.

A stipend was discussed, according to Councilman Tom Tallon, a member of the borough’s finance committee.

“Tom’s right,” Councilman David Hartman, chairman of the finance committee, said. “A stipend was discussed.”

There are several reasons why a stipend for the additional responsibilities wasn’t incorporated for Gresko’s appointment as deputy registrar, he said, including how her salary was constructed at the time of her appointment as deputy municipal clerk in April.

“It (additional responsibilities) was part of the discussion about her salary, and training,” he said.

Tallon said he strongly objected when it was discussed, and suggested another meeting to look at the issue again.

“The finance committee will reconvene, and there will be an answer,” Hartman said, urging the council to pass the resolution.

Wells noted this appointment couldn’t have been included in the contract since there was already a deputy registrar when Gresko was hired as deputy municipal clerk. At the end of the discussion, council unanimously agreed to approve Gresko as deputy registrar.  —G.G.S.

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