Shocking Endorsement

Oct 17, 2018

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to a letter I received from Mr. Spodofora on Oct. 6, in which he endorses the Democrat candidate for mayor in the forthcoming election. In the letter Mr. Spodofora proceeds to list his reasons for this endorsement.

He states that he wants Stafford to continue to be the great community that it is. Yet, he ignores the fact that by endorsing a liberal Democrat, he is opening the door to Gov. Murphy’s extreme policies, such as designating New Jersey as a sanctuary state, legalizing recreational marijuana, cutting funds for education, etc.

I have read in all the campaign literature about the Democrat candidate’s volunteer activities. I, too, am a volunteer. I work with the St. Vincent DePaul Society several days a week, where a small army of volunteers feeds the hungry, gives shelter to the homeless and pays utility bills every single day, not just during a crisis. These people prefer to remain anonymous while they perform these good works – no humanitarian awards, no kudos. They just serve our needy neighbors each and every day.

Mr. Spodofora claims in his letter that he offered to meet with both mayoral candidates to “bring them up to speed with the complex issues of running a town.” This is an unusual tactic. The highest office in the land, the presidency, does not offer transitional information to candidates, only to elected officials. It is apparent then that the Democrat candidate could have been able to seek and gain support from this administration on many occasions, and in many meetings, well before Mr. Spodofora decided to publicly endorse him.

Mr. Spodofora, in his letter, talks about putting the needs of Stafford first. Unfortunately, those needs have not included Beach Haven West. The issue of the Mill Creek Community Center, for one, still rankles many residents. The critical issue of lagoon maintenance has never been addressed or acted on in Mr. Spodofora’s “30 plus years of service.” Those of us who live in Beach Haven West have always felt as if we are Stafford Township’s cash cow. We are paying over 50 percent more in property taxes than the owners of comparable homes elsewhere in the township, without Mr. Spodofora addressing the one asset that increases the value of all of Stafford Township homes, our lagoons.

I was stunned when I received this letter of endorsement of a Democrat opponent. Apparently, Mr. Spodofora has ignored the liberal tendencies of his candidate of choice. Democrat Mr. Mangino is cofounder of the New Jersey Organizing Project.

Mr. Spodofora has stated that he was surprised by the fact that he lost the Republican Party primary. He obviously didn’t realize that he had also lost the loyalty of a substantial number of his Republican supporters. Instead of trying to regain that support, he has now endorsed a man whose political leanings are diametrically opposed to Republican ideals. Unfortunately, this is not the behavior of a man who professes to be truly interested in the welfare of Stafford Township.

Jeanine Sciglitano




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