Shocking Letter

May 17, 2017

To the Editor:

I’m in complete and utter shock at the letter titled “What’s Next?” (4/12). Kim Brown is an advocate for animals and an asset to our town, unlike the nasty, animal-hating Mr. Cortese. Mr. Cortese is known by many on Osborn Island, and not for being “polite” or for anything good or positive like Kim Brown.

My daughter as well as many other children are members of the Cape Club at Frog Pond School, and Ms. Brown is very involved in this club. The Cape Club teaches children about animals. Next weekend it will hold a conservation day at the Cape May Zoo, trying to raise awareness and money for the cotton top tamarin, a species facing extinction. 

Mr. Cortese’s reference to Kim Brown as a “cult leader” is ridiculous and the only thing “shameful” about the entire situation. She volunteers her time to running a rescue, helping animals and teaching children about animals, and Mr. Cortese bashes her for her good work. Mr. Cortese should be ashamed of his letter and his behavior toward the animals of Osborn Island. The other residents on the island, including my family, are embarrassed and disgusted to have to share such a beautiful place with such a man.

Kelly Ziem

Little Egg Harbor

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