Shortsighted Plan

May 02, 2018

To the Editor:

The following was sent to our representatives in Trenton regarding the Forest Service’s proposed clear-cutting of several acres of 90-year-old trees on East Greenbush Road in Bass River Township to clear the sight-lines of the old fire tower there:

“There are very few places in New Jersey where you can see trees that are nearly four human generations old. I feel that it is very shortsighted to view them as sight-line obstacles (sorry – I couldn’t resist). With modern internet remote camera technology, I question the logic of relying on a human observer up in a tower that has been described as too old to enlarge.

“Place some remote cameras on power poles and cell towers where necessary, and save these 90-year-old trees.

“One of my early mentors recommended “following the money” when something illogical or counter-productive was being pushed. I wonder how much money the Forest Service expects to sell the timber for, and who to? Do they see these trees as a supplement to their budget?”

Ronald Marr

Long Beach Township


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