Show You Care

Jul 25, 2018

To the Editor:

I have a common disability that, compared to most others, is relatively minor, and for the most part I have learned how to adapt to it with little or no inconvenience to others. At a venue recently, I bothered a fellow patron who in no uncertain terms let me have it, despite my explanation of my disability.

My wife and I relocated our seating and we stayed until the performance was over. At 76, I know life is not a picnic, but I have to admit I remain shaken by this incident.

However, more important than this irate person were the more than 10 individuals who lent me moral support for my situation. Once I calm down, I know I will remember their kindness more than the sad person who had as much compassion for me as Donald Trump showed the disabled reporter during his campaign (this is not a political comment, but a moral one). I also realized the hurt that many much more disabled adults and children have suffered because of uncaring individuals.

My only suggestion if you observe such a scenario is that you step up as those people did and show that you care. We cannot change people who are uncaring, but we can uplift those who are disabled or discriminated against. Confrontation and signs on our lawns are not the solution.

Harry Fowler

Hopewell, N.J., and North Beach


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