Sick of Complainers

May 16, 2018

To the Editor:

I read the rant defaming teachers in your recent edition (“Teachers Have It Good”). Please allow me to respond.

I taught for 40 years. I had over 300 hours of post-graduate education. I earned two master’s degrees and never stopped going to school to better myself and bring the very best I had to my students.

My starting salary was $4,800 a year. Yes, I had summers off. I went to school to earn more credits to be the best I could be. I also painted houses and coached in my town, helping young people whose parents couldn’t find the time to come to one of their games.

I never had a 401(k). I always contributed to my pension. I barely made enough money to take my family to the shore for four days, no less a week or two.

I am sick of complainers like this writer. Why didn’t he choose this “lavish” lifestyle? Couldn’t he concentrate in school? Wasn’t he studious enough to tough it out class after class and get certified?

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Having your own business is tough, no doubt. However, teachers live in 40-minute time segments all day, every day of their careers. We knew what we were getting into and many quit because they couldn’t take being “burnt out” from the administrative nonsense that continues ad nauseam in the field of education.

As teachers, you are never your own boss, making your own hours, setting your own salary, taking a vacation when you want to recharge your batteries.

Lastly, I have one question for “teacher haters.” It’s not too late – why not become a teacher? Sign up at college and join this wonderful “gravy train.” Let’s see if you have the moxie to make it like the thousands who endure this kind of vitriol from this writer.

I’m almost ready to bet the writer had trouble in school or with his own kids in school. Therefore, it must be the teacher’s fault for sure. The old saying is correct: “Don’t judge another until you walk a mile in his shoes.”

As for myself, I enjoyed every day of working with my variety of students from every ethnic group and every walk of life. God bless the teachers who teach your children on daily basis.

Ron Vandia


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